Volume 1 - Issue 1 Fall 2017


INNOVATIVE Products and Extraordinary service to the utility industry

50 Years Already?

This first issue of the Alexander's Newsletter represents something very special for ACS and our many customers. We are celebrating 50 years of providing service to the utility industry, and our customers have been a huge part of the ACS success for all those years!

In 1967, gas prices were hovering at a whopping 33 cents a gallon, the federal minimum wage had just increased to $1.40/hour, and the Beatles continued to reign supreme with the release of their Sgt. Pepper's album. In that year, a young man named Jim Alexander rolled up his sleeves and began reading the water meters for the City of Yucaipa, CA. His work ethic, honesty, and professional approach to reading the city's water meters became well known in Southern California, and many more water utilities enquired about his service. With the help of his beautiful wife Barta Jo, Jim built a successful business that has held to the principles and work ethic that Jim established so many years ago.

Today ACS has more than 120 employees serving approximately 100 municipalities and utilities from Atascadero, California, to Virginia Beach, Virginia; and from Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Belize City, Belize. The ACS Cloud SST web-based meter reading product processes over 9,500,000 meter reads each year. Today's ACS employee holds true to the principals of hard work, professionalism, and honesty that grew from the strong character traits of Jim Alexander in those very early days.

Because our customers are our greatest asset, we want you to celebrate with us during this extremely important year in our history.


Meet Chad Low.

Chad is one of ACS's Senior Support Managers and has been with ACS for over 4 years. He works out of the ACS office in Salt Lake City, Utah, providing ongoing support and project management to the ACS customers throughout North America. His personable character adds greatly to his patient and thorough attitude in resolving issues and questions. He enjoys working with people and helping to resolve technical issues. His wife Melissa, a registered nurse, and their two children Mya (age 8) and Carter (age 4) are the joys of his life. Ask Chad about his hobbies, and he will tell countless stories of fishing for salmon in Idaho and hunting the elusive Morel mushroom. When not watching sports, going camping, or playing basketball, Chad takes time to work with the local scouting program. You could call him a real gourmet cook too, but we just call him Chad.

"The ACS Cloud SST Certified Reads feature will produce higher accuracy reads than you ever thought possible - especially when opting not to show the Meter ID or Previous Read on the handheld."

ACS Customer Support

From Left Field

At ACS, we have great stories from our Meter Readers of things they see in the field. Just last week in Virginia Beach, VA, one of our readers was waiting in our car for another employee to finish up his route. Suddenly the reader was startled when a person hopped in the back seat and said, "Let's go!" The startled employee said, "Who are You?" and the person replied, "Aren't you my Uber ride?" After a couple good laughs, the person got out of the car and found the Uber.

I guess he didn't notice the big Alexander Logo on the side of the car?

ACS is getting it done

Things have been very busy and exciting at Alexander's during the first 6 months of 2017. Not only has our number of clients grown, but our employee numbers have increased to match the opportunities that have come our way. Now over 120 professional and experienced employees at ACS are dedicated to serving the needs of each of our clients throughout the nation.

We welcome the following customers to the ACS family:

City of Norfolk,
VA City of Santa Monica, CA
Oak Creek Water District #1, Sedona, AZ
Quail Run Estates, Paso Robles, CA
City of Fort Meade, FL
City of Virginia Beach, VA

Did you know?

In addition to Alexander's Contract Meter Reading Services and Cloud SST Meter Reading System, we provide many other outstanding Services and Products?

Customer Service

ACS offers basic work-orders to perform rereads, place door hangers, turn on/turn off, and investigate leaks and stuck meters.

GPS Coordinates

ACS collects GPS coordinates for meters or any other specified object within the city with sub meter accuracy and delivers these coordinates ready to use in the City's GIS database.

Certified Reads

In addition to normal system Certified Reads, ACS can collect all critical reads at the meter with irrefutable verification based upon Photo, GPS coordinates, Date, Time and ID Match. The Photo, GPS Coordinates, Date, and Time are provided to the client via the web-server based software.


The ACS rerouting methodology assists clients in reducing reading costs while obtaining 99.99% accuracy. We take your existing routes and organize them in your read file to create the fastest, most efficient order to produce more efficient meter readers.

Liability & Conservation Study

ACS can perform a detailed study of each meter within the City or District to assess the liability the meter may impose on its citizens. In addition, meter condition and potential elements directly affecting water conservation may be studied.

Targeted AMI with SWiM Networks

The ACS "Targeted AMI Solution" SWiM Networks puts automated cellular registers in locations that require daily read data. SWiM integrates the AMI reads along with manual reads into one file for billing. The product provides to utilities with AMI benefits the cost effectiveness of manual meter reading.

Alexander's Contract Services

is located on California's beautiful Central Coast in Atascadero, California. If you would like to reach out to us with questions, comments, or if you need sales or support assistance, please contact us at:

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