Integrating Spot AMI
with Manual Meter Reading

"Alexander's crews collect manual meter data for over forty water utilities across North America. Transitioning to the SWiM platform made it possible to begin offering AMI integration to our Alexander's customers.


Integrating AMI with handheld (manual) data solved several challenges for our water utility customers. In particular, the Alexander's SWiM export file now contains a complete set of billing reads. We are even able to integrate some legacy AMR and touch read systems into the file too. Now the utility can move all reads from these various sources to billing with one click from the SWiM MDM portal.


Utility Managers also appreciate how we save them effort and expense when it comes to installing new AMI meters. The system orchestrates the entire process; installation, removal from manual routes, reinserting into routes (if there is a AMI meter failure) are all done in the background with automation now.


The end result is always the same, a billing file that has an accurate read for every meter."


~ Mark Hibshman
Chief Operating Officer

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