Q&A with Temple, Texas.

Datazeo sent a brief questionnaire to Heather Mikulas. She is the Utility Business Office Manager in the City of Temple Texas, and also has all field reading staff reporting to her: There are 26,000 water meters in Temple, Texas and they are all manually read monthly.

She was asked the following questions:


Q: What were the reasons for choosing Datazeo as your Meter Reading Solution over the competition?
A: Datazeo was the only solution we found that could both attach pictures to reads and sync information from the field via a wireless network.


Q: Briefly explain how many re-reads the City of Temple used to do and how many are done now with Certified Reads?
A: We went from over 350 per month to approximately 60 per month


Q: Are you satisfied with the software and features of the Cloud Based SST Meter Reading program?
A: Yes.


Q: Does your Customer Service staff utilize Certified Reads when helping customers on billing questions?
A: Yes, we do.


Q: Would you recommend this product to other districts?
A: Absolutely! Great experience – Great product.

  ~ Heather Mikulas
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