May 4, 2016

We have been hard at work improving DZ Reader.
There have been several enhancements.
Here are the highlights:

  • Improved backup functionality
    • Ability to send backup reads from any day
    • App keeps up to 30 days of backups
  • Modified labels within App to improve usability
  • Improved performance with optional Versaprobe
    • Added audio notifications for good VP reads
    • Improved Bluetooth connection
    • Place Meter Option. If a Meter is read out of sequence, the DZ Reader can ask if the user wants to have this meter Place in this new sequence
    • If Place Meter option is Off, meters read out of Sequence will simply display toast message "Read successfully inserted", without asking to place the meter.
  • Versaprobe Bugfixes
    • Search meter won't accept reads
    • Manually read B Meter reads, inserted with type M meter code
    • Prevent system note from being left for every meter after partial read

Here is how to use the new backup feature:

Click Here if you need help updating DZReader

All the best,

The Datazeo Team