Company (OKR) Objectives and Key Results for 2014


 #1 - Acheive Year One Growth of Datazeo 5 Year Strategy
Key Result - 1.5 million new meters added to DZ Management
Key Result - Convert all subscription plans from Data plans to M2M plans
Key Result - Secure Investment Capital for year 2-3 growth
#2 - Migrate all Users to Big Data Platform
Key Result - Deploy and test new system in Atascadero in April
Key Result - Move all ACS Cities to new data base by October 30, 2014
Key Result - Migrate all cities to new data base by end of your 2014
#3 - Deploy AMI Program
Key Result - Secure Contract with 3 AMI meter Manufacturers
Key Result - Run Pilot Programs with 5 ACS Customers
Key Result - Sell 2500 new AMI dataplans



Mark Hibshman
Cheif Executive Officer
Datazeo Inc.

Good job on the Review and Questionaire section.


To the left I have listed the Company's OKR's for 2014. Review them and keep them in mind while you are developing your Team and Individual OKR's.


It is time for you to submit your Team and Individaul OKR's to me for review.




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