Together Verizon and Datazeo Add Real Value for Utilities

The Value of DataZeo on Verizon M2M


DataZeo is unique because they have been reading water meters since 1967 (46 years). They developed and use their own cloud based software solutions to read millions of meters for their water utility customers. They only make them available to other entities after perfecting all processes in the real world environment. No other developer does this.

Their water utility data collection and reporting products are designed with open architecture. You can continue using your current data collection devices, add new devices, while simultaneously making a gradual or partial transition to AMI. This is non-disruptive to operations and there is no need to abandon what you already use. No other company in the marketplace is doing this because those companies are too invested in the old single provider model - designed to hold a utility captive to their solutions. Water districts asked DataZeo to create their solution to help break this monopolistic style of business. 

In addition, DataZeo's methodology increases efficiency dramatically. Less energy and resources are needed to achieve better results, such as improving productivity and customer satisfaction with far more accurate reporting using DataZeo's Certified Reads module.

The most significant benefit of all is their Verizon M2M subscription fee structure, which eliminates the need for capital investment in short lifespan technology and the associated long RFP process to procure replacement systems. Again, no one else is doing this (yet).

For more information or to request a demo contact:

Scott Wills -

Director - Sales & Marketing

805-461-3458 ext. 7009