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Since 1967 we have become the leading provider of professionally trained meter reading teams for public and private water utilities. We have grown methodically one customer at a time for over 46 years.

We service your Central Texas neighbors daily with our unique combination of professional technicians and one of a kind data collection software.

If you are interested in taking your customer approval ratings, in-house performance, and bottomline to an exceptional place please get in touch. 

Bill VanWagoner - 805-461-3457 ext. 7007
Vice President Business Development


We take representing you in the community very seriously. Our professional courteous in-field teams are experts in:

  - Meter Reading Data Collection - Hazard Risk Assessments
  - Turn on Turn off Services - Route Planning and Analysis
  - Door Hanger Notifications - Temporary Workforce Augmentation


If dramatically improving your utility's practices is at the heart of your mission, we would like to talk with you.


We created our software company, Datazeo, to produce and support game changing technology for our Alexander's Contract Services (ACS) utility meter reading teams. Datazeo's Cloud Smart Server Technology (CSST) hub and DZ Reader handheld interface have changed data collection and reporting on dozens of fundamental levels.

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